Legion of Racers Online League 2021 (hereinafter “the League”) is an online sim racing league organized by Legion of Racers (hereinafter “the Organizer”). The game title used in the League will be Assetto Corsa Competizione (PC Platform) and will commence from July 2021 to August 2021.


The League comprises of One Main Category and is limited to 40 Drivers. One title will be awarded to the Champion and another title will be awarded to the best performing nation.


  1. The final text of these Rules & Regulations shall be the English version, which will be used should any dispute arises as to their interpretation.

  2. The League shall be run in accordance with all Rules & Regulations and Additional Supplementary Regulations provided by the League.

  3. The Organizer reserves the right to issue additional statements and Additional Supplementary Regulations from time to time. All such statements will be published on the official website of the League, or posted to the Discord Group.

  4. The Organizer reserves the right to postpone or cancel any portion of the League, or make changes to the calendar, which includes tracks and cars.

  5. The Organizer reserves the right to evict any individual from the League for misbehavior at its discretion. This includes and not limited to any discriminatory or offending actions, words, comments or postings to other competitors or the Organizer.

  6. It is the Driver’s obligation to ensure that he/she observe all the necessary requirements of the League, the Rules & Regulations and any Additional Supplementary Regulations issued from the Organizer.

  7. Decisions taken by the Organizer are final and not appealable. This includes incidents or situations that are not be covered by the Rules & Regulations or Supplementary Regulations.




LM Konsultancy Pte Ltd

CT Hub

2 Kallang Ave, #06-01,

339407 Singapore

Email: info@legionofracers.com

Website: www.legionofracers.com



The official source of information for the League is the website www.legionofracers.com (hereinafter “the Website”), where all Rules & Regulations, Additional Supplementary Regulations, Calendar, Registration and other relevant information will be published.

Driver Categorization

  1. There will be no Driver Categorization in the League.


Entry Fees

  1. Entry Fee will be SGD 30.

  2. A payment link will be emailed once the Organizer confirms the registration.

  3. No refunds will be made once payment has been made.


Internet Requirements

  1. Participants should ensure they have a stable internet connection. LAN Cable is recommended.

  2. Participants with a ping more than 200ms will be dropped from the server.


Round 1 - July 7th 2021 (Nurburgring)

Round 2 - July 14th 2021 (Misano)

Round 3 - July 28th 2021 (Silverstone)

Round 4 - August 4th 2021 (Monza)

Round 5 - August 18th 2021 (Suzuka)

Race Information

  1. Each Round will be run over 3 segments that includes Free Practice, Qualifying and Race.

  2. Practice - 30 mins session.

  3. Qualifying - Drivers will have 15 mins to set their fastest lap time.

  4. Race - Starting position of the Drivers will be determined by Qualifying results. Drivers will have 1 Formation Lap followed by a rolling start.

  5. Schedule (GMT +8)

       20:00 – 20:20: Drivers Briefing

       20:30 – 21:00: Free Practice

       21:00 – 21:15: Qualifying

       21:20 – 21:50: Race (30 Minutes)



  1. The final classification of each Round will be according to the Drivers’ finishing positions in the Race.

  2. Drivers will be awarded Championship Points according to their positions in each Round as follows:


       1st - 25 Points

       2nd - 18 Points

       3rd - 15 Points

       4th - 12 Points

       5th - 10 Points

       6th - 8 Points

       7th - 6 Points

       8th - 4 Points

       9th - 2 Points

      10th - 1 Point

   3. Points from the Top 2 highest placed drivers from each nation will be counted towards Nations Cup standings.


  1. The Prizes for the League are as per indicated on the League’s Official Website.

  2. The Organizer reserves the right to amend the prizes given out at its discretion and without prior notice.

  • 1st Place: SGD800, Logitech Pro Wireless Mouse/Logitech Pro X Keyboard/Logitech Pro X Wireless Headset

  • 2nd Place: SGD500, Logitech G304 Lightspeed Black/Logitech G915 TKL Black/Logitech G733 Black

  • 3rd Place: SGD300, Logitech G502 Hero/Logitech G512/Logitech G431

  • 4th Place: SGD200

  • 5th Place: SGD100

  • 6th Place: SGD100


Driver Participation

  1. All Drivers are required to use their real names during the League.

  2. All Drivers are required to submit their SteamID.

  3. All Drivers must agree with the terms and conditions of this regulation.

  4. All Drivers are required to join the League’s Discord Channel.


Driver’s Consent

  1. The Drivers agree to allow the Organizer to utilize his/her related personal information such as name, age as well as personal images, videos, in-game footages, livery and content for the purpose of media releases, statements, articles, broadcasting, interviews and social media postings.


Balance of Performance

  1. The Organizer will most likely follow the Balance of Performance from GT World Challenge Asia Esports 2021.

Change of Cars

  1. Drivers are NOT ALLOWED  a change of car during the course of the season.



  1. All communication by the Organizer to the Drivers will be done via the League’s Discord Channel before, during and after the races. The link to the Discord Channel will be sent to the Drivers via email. Drivers may contact the Organizer directly via the Discord Channel should they have any enquiries or protests.

  2. Drivers should inform the Organizer immediately should they encounter any technical issues via the Discord Channel.

  3. Drivers should use the Discord Channel to communicate to other Drivers or Stewards before, during and after the races and not in the Lobby itself.


Cars Liveries

  1. Drivers are free to use any liveries during the League. However, liveries containing obscene, vulgar or discriminating messages are prohibited in the League. Drivers found to be using a prohibited livery will be disqualified immediately.

  2. The Organizer reserves the right to enforce a livery on Drivers during certain rounds due to Sponsor/Partner agreement.

  3. Drivers are required to comply with the Sponsor and Sticker Regulations as per below (Circled Red to be left empty for League Sponsors).

  4. Drivers are required to use the Tarmac Works windscreen banner which can be changed in-game.

  5. Deadline to submit custom liveries: Monday 20:00 +8GMT before the race.


Sporting Conduct

  1. The Organizer seeks to practice and maintain the highest code of conduct in the League. The Organizer expects that all members of the community – drivers, officials and shout casters – will conduct themselves in the same way as a race participant would at an event in the physical world.

  2. Drivers are advised to respect their rivals on track and avoid any intentional collision with one another.

  3. Drivers should avoid excessive weaving or blocking at all times during Qualifying and the Race. As a general Rule of Thumb, only one move is allowed by the driver defending his position.

  4. Drivers should avoid crossing the white line on pit exit to avoid from hitting an oncoming car on the race track.

  5. Drivers that are lapped or will be lapped should give way to the leaders and should not interfere in any way. Please respect the blue flags!



  1. Drivers are strongly encouraged to report any rivals of misconduct, incidents and any other activity that is unfair. Drivers should provide the following to the Organizer via Discord:

  • Video Evidence

  • Description of the incident as detailed as possible

  • Drivers involved

  • The lap or time when the incident happen

   2. Drivers are encouraged to save their race replays as evidence. Any protest without evidence will not be entertained.

   3. Drivers can launch a protest by sending a personal message to the Organizer via Discord after the race with the required video evidence and             details as highlighted in Point 1. Filing for protests closes 30 minutes after the race has ended.

   4. Protest submitted after the deadline will not be entertained.

   5. Results of the protests will be made known together with the changes to the final round results.

   6. The Organizer’s decision is final.



  1. In-game penalties within Assetto Corsa Competizione will be applied.

  2. The Organizer will not impose any penalty to the respective driver(s) if the incident is not reported within the protest guidelines mentioned in above.

  3. The Organizer reserves the right to impose additional penalties on top of the in-game penalties within Assetto Corsa Competizione. These penalties include time penalty, race ban and deduction of Championship Points.

  4. Types of penalties include Drive Through, Stop & Go 10 Seconds and Stop & Go 30 Seconds.


Important Notes:

  1. All Drivers are required to attend Drivers Briefing. Failing to do so may result in a penalty.

  2. In-game chat window must be enabled for Organizers to provide any information regarding the race.

  3. No in-game chat is permitted in all sessions. Any communication with the Organizer should be done via Discord.