Next Level Racing F-GT Review

When it comes time to look for a sturdy sim racing seat, be it making a fresh start in sim racing, or looking to move from D.I.Y and standard desk setups, there are many choices available in retail and online shops for racers. Most of the entry or intermediate level sim-racing seats however are usually fixed to one position type only, either GT Style or Formula Style. What if one wants to have a more immersed experience with an open wheel / formula style seating position along the way while also being budget conscious?

Enter the Next Level Racing F-GT Cockpit. Priced at USD 499 / SGD 699 / PHP 24,990, the Next Level Racing F-GT Cockpit features a dual position cockpit with Formula and GT positions. The frame is built with laser cut, robot welded carbon steel for rigidity and painted in matte black for a premium finish. If is one of if not the most affordable stationary sim-racing cockpits which allows a change from GT style to Formula style seating position (or vice-versa) in just a few moments.


The wheel and pedal platforms have holes pre-drilled ready for many major wheel and pedal brands. The wheel platform is also capable of mounting some direct drive/OSW wheels. The F-GT also includes a gear shifter support, so there’s no need to buy a separate shifter holder with this package. As an added bonus, it also comes with a Buttkicker Gamer® 2 adaptor ready for those with the device.

Assembling the F-GT is straight forward thanks to the included manual and tools with the package, Although it may take some time to assemble the rig due to the sheer number of parts and screws that come with it, it will be rewarded with the rigidity of the cockpit. It is also recommended to loosely screw the pedal and wheel platforms as they are adjustable both in height and angle to make sure it suits the racer’s preferred position before tightening them all together.


Coming from a D.I.Y setup, the F-GT is much more comfortable on the back especially in longer races. On my old makeshift setup my back would easily sweat on the regular car seat quickly at around 20 minutes of straight driving. On the F-GT however I could drive much longer before I could start feeling some sweat on the back. The included lumbar support cushion does a very good job supporting the back part of a driver’s body to help minimize fatigue over a long period of time.

As the base of the seat is longer than a standard car seat and even compared with the higher tier GTTRACK / GTULTIMATE, the F-GT is better suited on the Formula style position over the GT Position, although I still prefer to stick with the GT position as I race a mix of many different cars.

The cockpit has an excellent build quality. The pedal and wheel mounts do a decent job in holding your choice of wheel and pedal set in place. The angle and height of the wheel platform can be adjusted. Although the pedal platform’s angle can also be adjusted, one can choose to mount it close to the floor resting on the pedal angle bar, or higher up with the frame in case one would like to switch from GT to Formula position later on. Provided that all the screws are fully tightened, the cockpit has minimal to no flexing while driving. If that is not enough, the F-GT package also comes with optional supporting arms for both the wheel and pedal mounts to enhance rigidity for higher end equipment such as pedals with load cell or hydraulic systems and wheels direct drive motors. Adjustability may be sacrificed once these attachments are in place, so it is recommended to find a final comfortable position before bolting in the extra supporting arms. The F-GT is also made ready for a specially designed F-GT Monitor Stand which is available to purchase separately. The monitor stand can suit three 27” screens or a single monitor up to 65”. The monitor stand can be adjusted both in height and distance in relation to the seat, as well as for the corner angles when using multiple monitors with it. It is a great add-on for the F-GT. Conclusion Overall the F-GT is one of if not the most affordable intermediate level sim-racing cockpit that can be used in either Formula or GT Style positions, and is built ready even for direct drive wheels. It sits at a great price point for its build quality, rigidity, and adjustability. It also comes with a plenty of enhancements such as the shifter holder, Buttkicker adaptor and additional supporting arms for the pedal and wheel platforms at no added cost. The F-GT is an excellent cockpit built to last for so many miles.

By Luis Moreno

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