Humble Beginnings - How LOR Racing's Drivers Started Sim Racing

Everybody has to start somewhere, or somehow. Be it through family or relatives, friends, or even an accidental encounter. Every sim racer has their own story of how they started sim racing and how they grew better in the genre.

In this feature article, LOR Racing’s drivers share their experience on how they discovered the world of sim racing.

Some started out and dived deep into racing due to sheer fun of the games


I played racing games since I was 6th y/o, but I dived into sim racing too deep on 2010 when I bought my first steering wheel, a Logitech G27. I started playing many sim racing title back then, from GT5 on the console and Live For Speed on PC. Now I have played so many titles on the market, and trying my best to be good in every game I play.

(Andika Rama Maulana’s first sim setup)

Zaim: I enjoyed playing racing games such as Need for Speed and Gran Turismo as a kid. My dad had a rig and that's when i discovered the joy of sim racing.

Nigel: I remember playing Gran Turismo on the PS1. There was no such thing as slow in, fast out. Only full send into the side of the AI cars.

Moreno: I started my sim racing journey when the GT Sport was released around 2017-2018. Using a joystick try to racing with others, and also many things I learned from that. Gamasala GT Cup was my first ever competition based on GT Sport game, and that was also my first time wining a competition.

Some discovered it through a live event... Luis: I first discovered sim racing through one of the booths at a car show in 2007. However it wasn’t until 2013 at a gaming event when I started becoming serious with it as I was more of a shooter type of gamer. Originally I went to support my fellow guild members competing in a Third-Person Shooter tournament final. There was a sim racing module with a mini tournament and there were some cool gaming gear at stake. I placed 2nd in that event and ever since I slowly shifted from shooter games to sim racing.

(Luis – 2007 – Original photo)

Fadhli: I have been playing racing games since I was 3 y/o, but I was first introduced to a racing simulator in mid-2018 by a friend who invited me to try it at an event. By then I only played arcade games just for fun, and I only started playing it a lot when I was borrowed a wheel by the same friend to compete in the National Championship in late-2019

Some were influenced by family members through a gift, or inspired by social media influencers, or both...

Ethan: My Dad bought me a wheel when i was 15. I immediately started to learn how to drift as I got inspiration watching youtubers drifting such as Adamlz and Haggard Garage. Fadtris: I started my sim racing journey when my dad bought my first ever wheel for me during my 8th birthday.

Some are active in motorsports to begin with…

Dillan: I have been karting since 9 years old, but when karting events were suspended due to the pandemic, I got into sim racing.

Every journey begins with a single step, and that single step can unravel a whole world of discovery. These are some of the ways how LOR Racing’s drivers started out their sim racing adventures. In the end, they all enjoyed with their passion and continued to strive better in the genre.

- Luis Moreno -

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